Graphic of an exploding head from Scanners

The Science of Cronenberg: Transcript 10

PETER SUSCHITZKY: The truth is that neither of us know what we’re doing, even while we’re doing it. (chuckles) Well, I can speak for myself. And I can certainly say David is not sure how he’s going to shoot a scene until he comes to look at a rehearsal. And he doesn’t rehearse before the movie. And I’m the same. I make certain preparations so that I know that I’ll be able to photograph—light a scene one way or another, or maybe more than one way—but I don’t make my final decision until the day, until I see the rehearsal. And then I talk with David about how we’re going to break the scene down into shots or whether we’ll shoot it in one shot, et cetera.Director of Photography Peter Suschitzky is interviewed for The Cronenberg Project.