Graphic of an exploding head from Scanners

The Science of Cronenberg: Transcript 06

PIERS HANDLING: The other thing that I feel you’re so conscious of is this whole notion of man trying to perfect man, or scientist trying to perfect man. Maybe we can explore that idea just a little bit more. Obviously, you don’t believe in the perfectability of man, at all. 

DAVID CRONENBERG: No, and I think that it’s a chimera. But often, it’s not so much perfecting, saying that we’re going to create the perfect human being, but it’s improving. The more modest of my crazy people. I think more in terms of improvements. We can go back as far as Scanners or even Shivers. It’s to improve. Sometimes it’s to improve in a very specific way, not to create a superhero. I’ve never really been attracted to superheroes although as a kid I loved Captain Marvel. I think he’s been much neglected. Shazam, you know, [---]. Haven’t seen that.