Graphic of an exploding head from Scanners

The Science of Cronenberg: Transcript 03

DAVID CRONENBERG: Fantasy and Science Fiction. And I actually wrote a story and sent it to them, and got a letter back from the editor saying “this came quite close, please try again.” Which I never did. I almost got this short story published. 

NOAH COWAN: What was the story about? 

DAVID CRONENBERG: It was about a kind of a dwarf who lives in a cellar and has a painting that he fantasizes about living in that painting. And in which he would be more than what he was. And then later finds out that that painting was painted by a guy just like him, also a dwarf who lived in a cellar. So, i don’t know if there’s a copy of that around—probably not. But anyway, I was encouraged but never wrote—never did that again.