Graphic of intestines oozing from a television

Clips & Rarities: Satyr's Tongue

The first page for a script called Satyr's Tongue, a script that has never been made. Early Drafts and Unrealised Projects.
Typewritten paper with some annotations
Various dates
David Cronenberg Collection, TIFF Film Reference Library


SC. 1 The camera moves through a large modern museum which has been closed down for the night, following a sinister figure who is never completely shown and who avoids the occasional museum guard who crosses his path.


Interior of a work room in the museum. A handsome woman of about 45 and a young, intense man are leisurely making love. She is Alexandra Pushpin and he is Keller Sacbrood. Through their conversation and the artifacts strewn about the room, we are made to understand that she has been translating into English the inscriptions made on several wooden sticks, leather anf [sic] beaded belts, and animal skins. She is evidently excited about her discoveries and on occasion reads the words written to her lover, who comprehends by the sensuality of tone if not the words themselves that they are of erotic nature.

After some time, the young man leaves, excusing himself by saying that his bees are very demanding masters, and that as an apiologist he is their slave. After he leaves, the woman dozes cosily [sic] on the animal skins spread out on the floor.


Exterior of the hallway, where the intruder makes his way stealthily to the door of Alexandra’s room, which is marked:

Institute of the Canadian Indian
Department of Linguistics

The intruder slowly edges the door open until he can see her asleep on the floor. He reaches into his pocket and brings out