Graphic of intestines oozing from a television

Clips & Rarities: Fleshfungus

The first page for a script called Flesh Fungus, a script that has never been made.Early Drafts and Unrealised Projects.
Typewritten paper with some annotations
Various dates
David Cronenberg Collection, TIFF Film Reference Library


1. Several men spread out in a loose formation sift through dense, humid woods. They are dressed in shimmering white from head to toe, their faces barely visible behind white helmets which incorporate elaborate air filters. As they move through the woods like ghosts, they spray a white, sugary, sticky powder from sleek metal spray guns, each man pivoting his gun fromside [sic] to side as he walks, as casually as if watering a lawn. Their formation is such that the areas sprayed overlap, so that nothing is left untouched. The white substance clings to everything it touchs [sic], then after a few seconds, disappears.

2. The Wood family is having a picnic by the side of a small river. Wine, food, knives and forks are centred on a large tablecloth spread on the ground, around which the Woods, encompassing three generations, sit and frolic, chattering excitedly or reminiscing or laughing. Everything stops for the instant that a large, unmarked helicopter swoops low over the river before rising once more and disappearing over the valley slope.

3. In the helicopter, two men in Army uniforms are comparing charts and reading co-ordinates into their radios. From their point-of-view, we see the white-suited men below, working their way methodically through the forest. From the air, the single red circles which mark their helmets are intermittently visible as they move in and out of the bush.