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Cronenberg: Canadian Icon: Transcript 07

David Cronenberg: So for example, in Shivers, we knew we were going to shoot on Nun’s island in these twin apartment blocks. We had permission to do that. We had no money for sets, right? So we put up little posters in the elevators saying “if you are willing to let us use your apartment, we’ll shoot there.” I don’t even know if we paid any money for those. And so whatever apartments we got, I had to shape the character to the apartment. Because we couldn’t redress them, we didn’t have money for that. So we get five people who would say “you can use our apartments to shoot in.” And I’d look at them and say “I think this character could fit with that apartment. This other character could fit in that apartment if we just changed a little stuff around.” So it was always found art, once again. I mean, it was very little tampering with what was given to us by chance.