Graphic of a fly

Cronenberg: Canadian Icon: Transcript 05

DAVID CRONENBERG: Well, you know it’s funny just in terms of rigorousness and it’s kind of interesting that my biggest hit was The Fly and still remains so. And it is a very emotional movie, but it’s not a sentimental movie. And it was on that movie that I started to feel the Beckett, the Samuel Beckett influence on me. Which is just—

PIERS HANDLING: What, in that space?

DAVID CRONENBERG: In the making of the movie and the structuring of the movie. Because it’s really just three people in a room. And nobody really perceives it that way, but I really saw that it was that. And therefore was almost theatrical in its structure although not really in its delivery. And just in the terms of shooting - the shooting required a lot of coverage and special effects and so on. But I was feeling a sense of simplifying the way I shot things.