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Cronenberg: Canadian Icon: Transcript 03

JEREMY THOMAS: I think that David continues trying to make original films in his way and I think the world has come to Cronenberg, rather than Cronenberg coming to the world.

I think he’s still making the same films that he wants to make, with few concessions - as the best filmmakers do - to the market so to speak. Which is why I have such a kinship with him and my directors that I work with because the market is invariably fickle, but a good movie’s a good movie. And he believes like that. And it has to be something very, very... It’s a very creative process for him, not in being pretentious in any way, just that that’s what he does.

That’s what he wants to do, and he can’t do it any other way. He can’t make another sort of film. He has tried to make other films and he has actually succeeded a couple of times in going into popular cinema, but by and large, I mean, they are films by David Cronenberg and that’s why he has such a loyal fanbase. The red carpet has come to him, he hasn’t come to the red carpet, really.Producer Jeremy Thomas is interviewed for The Cronenberg Project.