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Cronenberg: Canadian Icon: Transcript 01

DAVID CRONENBERG: Yeah. But I never felt—you know as I say, I had lots of support and the movie did very well. Shivers made I think 5 million dollars and cost 185,000. And it was I think literally the first film that paid Telefilm back anything, so it was kind of ironic what Fulford was saying. Part of his argument was that it was a waste of money and bad that way, just for taxpayers... But you expect when you do something extreme, which Shivers was, that you were going to have a reaction against it. And I’ve never felt that I needed to be controversial, I actually don’t take delight in that. And there are some filmmakers who do, they want to be bad boys you know. And they take a lot of strength and encouragement from just being “bad boys”. And being seen that way. And that was never a role I particularly needed. But you expect that you are going to have some reactions. You don't know how extreme, but you expect that you will have some. So, it’s not—you can’t complain when it happens, you know?