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We would like to thank David Cronenberg and his assistant Lisa Mahal. Without their generosity the Cronenberg Project would not have been possible. Special thanks to our interview subjects, Denise Cronenberg, Stéphan Dupuis, Wayne Griffin, Christopher Hampton, Jeremy Irons, Mark Irwin, Viggo Mortensen, Michael O'Farrell, Ron Sanders, Howard Shore, Carol Spier, Peter Suschitzky, Orest Sushko and Jeremy Thomas for allowing us to interview them for this project.

Additional Image Credits:

Splash page and Cronenberg Canadian Icon:
David Cronenberg, 2005
Photographer: Takashi Seida
Courtesy of Takashi Seida

The Science of Cronenberg:
An infected Dr. Dan Keloid (Howard Ryshpan) attempts to operate
Rabid , 1977
Photographer: Joel Sussman
Courtesy of Somerville House

Interactive Timeline:
Gun protrudes from a television screen in Videodrome
Videodrome , 1983
Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing LLC

Behind the Scenes:
On set director David Cronenberg consults with Viggo Mortensen, who plays Dr. Sigmund Freud
A Dangerous Method , 2011
Photographer: Liam Daniel
© Recorded Picture Company, 2011
A DANGEROUS METHOD appears courtesy of Prospero Pictures, Entertainment One & Sony Pictures Classics Inc.

Beverly Mantle attempts to perform surgery in Dead Ringers
Dead Ringers , 1988
Photographer: Attila Dory
Courtesy of Morgan Creek

Clips and Rarities:
Nike commercial storyboard
Courtesy of NIKE, Inc.

David Cronenberg and TIFF:
David Cronenberg onstage at the premier for A Dangerous Method
©2011, Alberto Rodriguez, Getty Images

Background image Credits:

Crash , 1996
" Crash " appears courtesy of Entertainment One. Licensed By: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Dead Ringers , 1988
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Naked Lunch , 1991
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Stereo , 1969
Courtesy of David Cronenberg

The Fly , 1986
Footage and Stills From “ THE FLY ” (1986) Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox. All rights reserved.