Graphic of a two-headed lizard from eXistenZ

Transcript: eXistenZ: A Virtual Reality

CAROL SPIER: eXistenZ was in two worlds – it was a reality and a non-reality – David at some points didn’t want people to know whether they were in the game or out of the game. So again, it was a very fine line that we were doing, how much we could make the space look bizarre or weird or slightly out of kilter. So it’s a subtle change from sets. Sometimes it was a change of colour, sometimes it was Peter changing the lighting. But it’s a very subtle thing because David didn’t really want people to know when... Some times were obvious, of course, but there were times we didn’t want people to know whether they were in the game or out of the game. I mean obviously the factory that they’re working in, people are going to think that’s not real. (LAUGHS) With all the weird creatures in that. Again, there’s so many fun things to do in David’s films. (LAUGHS)

STEPHAN DUPUIS: Oh yes, the creatures. That was funny. They molded – everybody in the shop was like, “O.K., well, let’s make some skins, or creatures.” And I had suggested, “Why don’t we get those water toys that you wind up, and you put it in your bathtub, and it goes like - you know?” So, we just put the skin over those guys mainly, and they were attached to strings, and we just turned them on during the scene. So you can see them in the background, but they had the tendency to all congregate into one corner, like, you know. It was funny. (LAUGHS) And, so, yeah. And then we had several of those hanging, drying outside, and one that gets its head chopped off.