Graphic of a two-headed lizard from eXistenZ

Transcript: eXistenZ: Bioports and Pods

STEPHAN DUPUIS: Well, it’s because you’ve got all those little pod things. I remember, I started designing those here in San Francisco. I had a warehouse sort of studio down by the water over there. At first, there was a very mechanical-looking metallic thing. That was discarded. Then there was a very… It was kind of disgusting. It looked like a big brain with tendrils and stuff and veins sticking around it. It was like, “This is not something that I would like to handle with my hands and play around with.”

We had decided that we would still stay in the fleshy thing, because it’s an organically grown game. So we made it into this little fleshy… with very, very subtle little transparent veining on it, and a little bulb on the side. A little animal that was still organic, but not disgusting. It was… How do you call that? What is that expression? Ergonomic? It was made to fit your hands very easily. Like a little Nintendo game. But organically grown.

What else did you have in this movie? Oh, you had, like, the dissection of the little pod. And I remember we made several pods with all those little organs in it that you could plug in like a little umbilical cord. Then you plugged it in your back, because everybody had an umbi-cord and an umbi-port. And the umbi-port was a little piece of plastic and a piece of metal in the middle, and at the end of the umbi-cord you had a little device that you could lock in by turning. Jude Law, yeah. So he had this, [in] the back. And I remember the scene where she takes the umbi-cord and she lubricates the hole in his back and then goes, “Plop.”