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Transcript: Crash: Body Brace and Scars

STEPHAN DUPUIS: Actually - I had an assistant named Dennis Pollack that I worked with doing the prosthetics. Because everybody had scars in this movie. Everybody had scars somewhere.

Arquette had been in so many accidents that she had to wear this orthopedic suit. We actually went to a place on the outskirts of Toronto that makes prosthetics for people who have been in accidents. They had this huge warehouse full of all the materials to make that sort of contraption. So, we used the real stuff. All the hinges, the material, to make this weird armour suit for her. Orthopedics-like, clanky armour suit. Dennis, since they were all like quirky characters, made this little compartment that was attached to her thigh or her leg that opened up and there were a few joints in it. She would close and pop out.

We came in quite a few weeks before. We took a cast of the actors. And I started making all the sculptures of the scars, and we made moulds and we made them out of gelatin because it’s easy to work with and it’s fast. And plus we had the big accident sequence on the freeway and there were a lot of people with pieces of windshields sticking out of their faces and God knows what. Broken bones sticking out. It was non-stop. The main character, Elias Koteas - the crazy doctor in the movie - he had all these little scars everywhere, all over his face. So there was that. Some of them were made with collodion, some of them were little appliances… .