Graphic of a two-headed lizard from eXistenZ

Transcript: Dead Ringers: Instruments

CAROL SPIER: We started with the design for it by looking at the worst looking real surgical instruments, because we wanted it to look real, but we didn’t want it to look real. They had to look like they could actually perform an operation. So, we pulled out every single medical catalogue that we could find and looked at all the different surgical instruments that were around. The worst looking ones tended to be dental ones, for some reason. [CHUCKLES] So we looked at some of those, and then we looked at parts of the body like bones, ligaments, different sections of the body so that we could kind of incorporate the mechanical part of that and the body parts with it. So that they were an amalgamation of the two. One of my art directors on that was Peter Grundy and he sat down and did the sketches for it. We worked closely with that. Then we brought in a jewellery designer to actually build them.