Graphic of a two-headed lizard from eXistenZ

Collaborators: The Fly: Production Design and Effects

A distinctly Cronenbergian take on a ‘50s sci-fi tale The Fly traces Jeff Goldblum’s transformation from scientist Seth Brundle to the creature Brundlefly. This effects-heavy film posed significant challenges for the production team. Hear Denise Cronenberg, Stephan Dupuis, Mark Irwin, Howard Shore, and Carol Spier discuss some of the challenges they faced in designing the telepod, makeup, sound, and other memorable elements from the film.

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Fly head, as seen in the film The Fly.
Life-size head of the Fly creature (prop).
Chris Walas Inc., Creature Effects

The Fly, 1986
Foam rubber, bristles
34 x 21 x 28cm
David Cronenberg Collection, TIFF Film Reference Library